What is "Compare Item" ?

It seems to confuse users the most, so let's examine major points about "compare item":
  • It is not related to actual repricing
  • It is used to calculate profit, but not selling price
  • Profit is calculated separately from the "selling price"
  • Compare item can be competitor's item
  • Or it can be your lot/item
  • You can even define hard coded values of price and shipping in compare item

Starting off at Sku Grid is very simple. Basically there are several steps, as with most web-sites:

  • Register
  • Confirm your registration
  • Subscribe for preferred plan
  • Start using Sku Grid

This is probably one of the most requested and awaited features. We have tested it with our private clients and have just deployed it to Sku Grid. The idea is simple - it will watch for price & stock changes on supplier's web-site (as sku grid already does) and will update prices and stock statuses on your lots at either eBay or Amazon (or both).

We have updated on how we handle usage charges for our users, since some users might use one set of functions and others will use different functions. We have implemented a credit based system. Each action uses up some number of credits, by subscribing to a plan you will get N monthly credits (you can always subscribe to additional plans).

Current list of actions that use up credits (you can always check on it here, that page also contains your usage of credits):
Check price and stock of an item - 1 credit
Check price and stock of "compare to" item - 1 credit
Instant price check (when adding an item) - 1 credit
Reprice a single item at Ebay - 1 credit
Reprice a single item at Amazon - 1 credit

Current subscription plans available (see them here as well):
$29.99 per month - 250k credits
$119.99 per month - 1.25mln credits (20% discount)
$209.99 per month - 2.5mln credits (30% discount)

An example on how credits are calculated: you have 1,000 items and check them every 3 hours - 8 times a day that is (default $29.99 plan that most users are subscribed to):
8*30*1000 = 240,000 credits used up monthly

Images in the table

You can now show thumbnails of product's main image in the table (and by clicking on it you can see a larger one). See settings to enable this option.

Price history graphs

You can check price history of some particular product that you have been tracking - just click "History" in the last column. Orange line is the price of the product and blue line is whether product was in stock or not.

Affiliate dashboard

We have finished the development of affiliate dashboard, you can see the number of users that were referred by you. Payments are made on 29th of each month, at least 30 days after each successful subscription payment by your referral.

Checker interval

You can now define how often your items are being checked, starting from every hour and up to every day.