Sku Grid API

Sku Grid provides ability for developers to access all of it's data with simple API
Make calls to this url:
Access to API is included with your subscription.
API is only for personal accounts. If API is used for business servicing other clients, then it must be approved by the administrator and it can be used only with $14.99 plans (multiple number of them if needed).
All calls can be made via GET or POST
Response is returned in JSON. Ack=>Failure means there was a problem, Ack=>Success means everything went through correctly.
Limits can be lowered per custom request in which you should include detailed description of your application

Add/Update Item

Limit: No limit

Add new item or update existing one.
If local_id is set and such item exists in Sku Grid, then it will be updated.
If item with same reprice_sku/reprice_store and vendor_url/vendor_variant exists for this user, then that item will be updated.
Otherwise new item will be added.

  • remoteKey - Remote Key from here
  • addItem - json encoded values for item to be added/updated

Import CSV to Sku Grid

Limit: No limit

Upload CSV for Sku Grid to import.

  • remoteKey - Remote Key from here
  • csv - url of csv to be imported