SKU Grid


Management & Repricing Tool

You Will Ever Need!

Monitors your listings at multiple marketplaces with global reach!

Over 800+ supplier sources are supported! Allows you to track and reprice your items on over 20 different selling marketplaces!

Sends email notifications about supplier price and stock changes at the interval you specify!

FREE* Access to WiseLister and Sku Fetch! You will be able to list your items to major marketplaces at no additional cost other than what you normally spend at Sku Grid.

Monitors your listings at multiple marketplace with global reach!

Over 800+ supplier sources are supported! allows you to track and reprice your items on over 20 different selling marketplaces!

Sends email notifications about supplier price and stock changes at the interval you specify!

FREE* Lister is Included! Now you can list your items to major marketplaces at no additional cost other than what you normally spend at Sku Grid.


  • All Amazon Marketplaces
  • All Ebay Marketplaces

    (free* 3rd party integrations or non-api solutions)

  • Walmart Marketplace
  • Shopify Stores
  • BigCommerce Stores
  • WooCommerce Stores
  • Etsy Marketplace
  • Bonanza Marketplace
  • Marketplace
  • Google Shopping Marketplace
  • Mercado Libre Marketplace
  • Facebook & Instagram Shops


Some of Sku Grid’s Features Include

  • Marketplace Lister & Automated Price & Stock Monitoring

    Sku Grid can monitor your supplier for changes up to every hour and automatically adjust your items per your exact specifications! Wise Lister & Sku Fetch are Included - List unlimited items from multiple suppliers and track effortlessly with Sku Grid.

  • Several Ways to Import Your Items

    It's easy to get your items into Sku Grid for tracking. You can choose to import directly from the marketplace, add items individually, or import via CSV file.

  • Split Range & Formulas Per Store

    With Sku Grid, you can create split range formulas for your items. Now you can have different margins for different price ranges of items. If you want a 30% margin for items up to $50 in price and another for items over $50, we've got you covered!

  • Frequent Email Notifications

    Receive email notifications anywhere from every hour to not at all. It's up to you. Email notifications will include your supplier price and stock changes & much more...

  • Get Credit For Shopify Store*

    Users with more than 10,000 skus get $30 for running Shopify store. Diversify your selling platforms, protect your earnings & acquire more clients.

  • Free WooCommerce Store*

    Sku Grid partnered with WooHosted to provide free Woo Commerce hosting solution with WP-Lister (eBay syncing plugin) already preinstalled.

  • Compete for Clients with Buy Box Owner

    Enable Buy Box Owner© add-on from within Sku Grid and undercut competition in Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces.

  • Non-API eBay

    We do not work with eBay API, since eBay API is forbidden for the use by Arbitrage Software (see their ToS). However, we export data to multiple services that in turn can connect you with eBay and have your price and stock information synced. As well as provide other methods to update eBay products (Chrome Extensions, File Exchange Protocol, etc.).

  • Easy Searching, Filtering & Reporting

    Sku Grid gives you the ability to locate your items in the grid several different ways, via search or any number of filters and ranges.

  • Multiple Suppliers Per Item

    You're not limited to using just one supplier per item. You can track as many suppliers to one item as you want. Your item will be based off of the lowest priced, in stock supplier at the time.

  • Over 800+ Suppliers Supported

    Stay out of competition! Don't stick all your eggs in one basket. Join the repricing solution that allows you to choose from over 800 supplier sources.

  • Ready to help

    Our support team works hard to make sure that your needs are met. If you need help with setup or just have a basic question, feel free to reach out to us.

Popular Subscriptions

Popular Credit Packs

Credits roll over from month-to-month



Want to monitor & reprice Items

233 000 credits

How often should sku grid check items

Additional Functions

Pay in advance



$. monthly

for credits

Access to Sku Grid Lister PRO

  • Easy Lister
  • Quick Lister
  • List Unlimited Items

Pro Features

Unlimited Batch (Bulk) Listing

Bulk Listing with Draft Option

Spin Text Feature

Keyword/Title Building Feature

Competition Analysis


Watch this quick demo to discover how Sku Grid can help you monitor and reprice your marketplace items in no time at all! You'll also see how you can get a listing tool to use and a FREE WooCommerce website. The features mentioned are just scratching the surface!


Your prices are updated automatically and synchronized with your suppliers. Set rules to control your listings' price and stock on multiple marketplaces.

  • Powered by Network of Scraping Servers Based in The USA.
  • Each Server is Self-monitored Not to be Banned by The Store.
  • All Servers Are Monitored For Healthy Operations.
  • All Stores Are Tested Each Day by a Random Set of Data.
  • No Overselling - at Most 20 Checks/minute Per Scraping Server.


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Questions? Just Ask!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to send us a message. Our friendly support staff is here to assist you.

  • Sku Grid is a price tracking and inventory management software that monitors your supplier for changes and adjusts your listings on major marketplaces accordingly.

  • Sku Grid works with different marketplaces, including Amazon, WooCommerce and others. Our developers constantly working on adding support for other marketplaces.

  • Sku Grid offers 4 levels of pricing: Simplified, Advanced, Advanced Priority & Guru. Simplified, Advanced & Advanced Priority are not credit based. They are based on the number of items monitored. Simplified has less features and customization options and your suppliers are checked every 3 hrs for price and stock changes. Advanced has full features but items are checked every 3 hrs as well. Advanced Priority is the same as Advanced, but with your supplier being checked every hour for price and stock changes. Guru is based on credit packs. It offers full customization and you can change the frequency of how often your items are checked. Each plan gives you ability to access Lister so that you can list your items to your favorite selling marketplace.

  • Yes, any unused credits continue to roll over month to month. You always get to use what you have paid for.

  • Not a problem. You can turn off Sku Grid’s ability to modify your price or stock or both.

  • Not a Problem. You can simply turn off Sku Grid’s ability to modify your pricing. Then it can continue to manage your stock. We have a video on this on our YouTube Channel.

  • No. Sku Grid will continue to run even if you do not have an active recurring subscription as long as you have credits available in your account balance to use. We even have one time purchase payment options if you prefer.

  • With Sku Grid, you get access to Sku Fetch & Wise Lister, which can list your items on multiple marketplaces at no additional cost to you!

  • Please submit a support ticket to


  • Selro provides all the tools that you need to manage and run a successful eCommerce business. Manage multichannel inventory and orders, keep stock levels in sync with all your sales channels and much more.

  • Everything you need to manage products and sales orders. The more accurate and efficient your inventory is, the better prepared you are to confidently grow your online business.

  • Multi Channel inventory management tool.

  • Turnkey WooCommerce stores hosted on the cloud.

  • Product retrieval and preparation service.

  • Multi channel marketplace lister service.


  • Dropshipping University is an extremely in-depth and complete course on how to kill it with Non-API Ebay Dropshipping in 2020. Created by the respected and well-known YouTuber Ecom Tom, Tom stops at no lengths in teaching all that he knows about eBay Dropshipping. Dropshipping University contains over 75 Videos and more than 13 Hours of content covering everything you need to know including: Getting Started As A Complete Beginner, Sourcing Profitable Items, Setting Up SkuGrid, Advance Tips On Scaling And Automating Your eBay Dropshipping Store, and much more.
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  • At Inventory Source, we handle the technology between your supplier or warehouse to your SKU Grid account - that means, any and all product data are automatically uploaded to your platform and updated daily.
    For our $99/month Inventory Automation, we will do the first upload of products on to your SKU Grid account (images, titles, descriptions, categories, etc.). We then provide powerful Bulk inventory tools (Catalog Manager Getting Started Guide). Lastly, we will run our Daily Update for Price, Quantity, and Status of the products to truly automate inventory from your supplier.

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